‘HIP to Book’ is a project developed by ‘HIP Professionals’, based in Curaçao. A team of well experienced and professionally educated hospitality and tourism professionals that joined forces during the Covid-19 / Corona crisis in order to support hospitality companies and tourism in their struggle to survive. We are a mix of young and matured professionals in hospitality and business.

‘HIP’ stands for ‘Hospitality In Progress’ but also for a ‘hip’, positive, no-nonsense and down-to-earth approach of the business. Check www.hipprofessionals.com for more information about the ‘HIP’ scope. Send and e-mail for more information to info@hipprofessionals.com

One part of the scope of HIP Professionals is ‘HIP to Book’. A commission free booking/connection platform for hotels, resorts, B&B’s, apartments, villa’s, campings and all other ‘overnight stay’ accommodations.

Not only during a crisis but also for the years after there is a need for a ‘free of charge’ way to get your guests in. With ‘HIP to Book’ we want to create that change of operating.

Booking directly at the accommodation cuts out an important part of the costs. A profile of your accommodation on ‘HIP to Book’ is and will ALWAYS be FREE of charge!

Now we know that at this point some of you might think ‘what’s the catch?’ or ‘where are you guys making the money?’. That’s why we will explain how it works. To be honest, it’s quite simple. Mother company and developer of ‘HIP to Book’, ‘HIP Professionals’, has a range of paid services as consultants like websupport, social media support, strategic planning, feasibility studies, extra advertising and blog service on our website, operational interim management, Mystery Guest programs and some other hospitality related consultancy activities. That is where our income is. That means that we don’t have to ask for commission for using ‘HIP to Book’.

In a later stage in summer 2020, we will introduce a paid ‘Membership’ to ‘HIP to Book’. With that membership accommodations can get proper discounts on the other ‘HIP Professional’ services as mentioned above. The price of membership will be ‘accommodation friendly’ to make services accesable for anyone.

DON’T BE CONFUSED NOW! The commission free profile and bookings at your accommodations through ‘HIP to Book’ are and will always be free for members and non-members!

We want accommodations and guests to have the benefits of finding eachother that is not troubled by sky high percentages for commissions, specially in these times. Why should we make money there?

Hospitality is a profession. ‘HIP Professionals’ are well experienced and educated hospitality enthousiasts, working on raising the quality level constantly. Part of that is having a financial care free system for accommodations and their guests.

Although we don’t charge a penny for the use of ‘HIP to Book’, we fermly recommend accommodations to give their future guests an incentive by giving them a 5% discount on their bookings through www.hiptobook.com

Feel free to hook up for a free profile with your accommodation.

Get more information through the button How it works.

Any suggestions or need for more information? Send an e-mail to info@hiptobook.com

Enjoy the HIP concepts!

Beste regards,