Las Nubes, Costa Rica

Las Nubes is a boutique ecological resort on the rim of a magnificent coastal mountain above Matapolo, Province of Puntarenas, Costa-Rica

On a gorgeous mountain rim overlooking the Pacific ocean lies the wonderfull Las Nubes natural energy resort.

The self-sustaining domain is spread out over 4 hectares in a green valley surrounded by tropical rain forest. On one side you have an amazing view over the mountains, deep into heart of the Costa Rican inland. On the other side you see the Pacific ocean.

On the rim of the mountain proudly stands the main building, a living and breathing biotecture building in organic shapes. It is positioned so that a fresh breeze provides a natural air conditioning all day long.

Viewing decks on all sides of the house offer loads of space to breath in the mystic views. An infinite pool makes it picture perfect.

Scattered over the domain are 4 private spacious cabinas. Every cabina has it’s own terrace, comfortable bathroom and offers loads of privacy. However comfortable and luxurious your cabina is, sleeping next to the rainforest always has a touch of adventure to it.

Above the main building there is a two-bedroom suite with 2 bathrooms and private terrace.

The world of travel has changed greatly, with more people seeking eco-friendly options, closer contact with nature and vacations that support a healthier lifestyle. A vacation can inspire, energize and satisfy all your senses, all while bolstering a sustainable way of living.

All of the electricity at the resort is solar, all of the water derives from a pure mountain spring. Filtration of waste water is accomplished through an ingenious filtration system of lava rocks and plants.

The bio-dynamic garden provides fresh vegetables, fruits (from bananas and pineapple to vanilla, cacao and cinnamon) and seasonings for the resort’s signature gourmet meals. It stands as a brilliant example of sustainable and very affordable indulgence.

The resort welcomes individuals, families, couples and groups seeking a remote, private and isolated destination. It wants to inspire people by sharing the ultimate in the midst of nature experience and self-sustaining environment.

Being far away from the outside world, you can focus completely and be in harmony with nature. The positive and high vibrations of this place makes participants extremely receptive. 

High season is from mid-December till may (dry season).

The highly rated Las Nubes Natural Energy Resort is bringing tourism back to the roots, giving travelers a chance to connect to Costa Rica’s amazing natural environment and celebrate what Costa Rica is all about.

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